Room Stewards Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Siron Place Rongai

Job Description


Prepare the beds as per guest specifications either as a double, twin or family
Replace bed linen every day during the guests stay
Ensure bed linen is neatly ironed, free of stains and holes
Ensure mosquito net is clean and free of holes
Dust bedrooms from roof down, wiping all surfaces, empty bins, sweep and mop floor
Wash glasses and flower vase, ensure flowers are fresh (where applicable)
Clean window & door shutters, sills and latches
Replenish all guest amenities in the bedroom
Ensure all appliances, lights, taps, toilet and plugs are in working order
Report any item which is not in working order
Ensure mattresses are turned each month as indicated at top right hand corner of the mattress
Clean area inside, around and path to the room
Clean bathroom wiping all surfaces from roof down
Clean the cistern and toilet bowl
Clean the showerhead and all taps, buff to a shine
Ensure all crevices and cupboard under vanity is clean
Clean the vanity and empty bins
Ensure amenities are replenished daily
Equipment in the bathroom working, clean and neatly placed
Clean the floor
Collect laundry and replace once serviced
Ensure the bedding is straight and neat
Place shoes neatly in front of wardrobe
Replenish drinking water
Empty bins
Wipe surfaces in bathroom and bedroom
Hang wet towels neatly on hooks
Spray bathroom and bedroom with a few squirts of room mist
Turndown: To close mosquito nets and spray room with insect repellent (where present)
Turndown: To turn the bed down according to the set standard


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