Continental Hot Dish Chef Vacancy

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Swiss Lenana Mount

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to work regulations, perform various tasks to ensure the smooth operation of the kitchen. Guaranteed to provide a high level of catering and customer service for the hotel. Maintain high quality, healthy and hygiene food.

2. According to the weekly menu, assist the head chef in preparing and cooking foods and continuously improving the cooking techniques can cook the food according to the dietary requirements of guests in different regions.

3.Processing and production of different dishes, and on time.

4, During processing, pay attention to save material, careful planning, and effective control and increase gross margin.

5.Check the raw materials which need to be processed on time every day.

6, Working/operating strictly in accordance with the hotel health management system.

7. Assist the head chefs in the distribution of work responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchen area and keeping it clean and tidy all the time.

8. Report to the head chef on the material supply situation and make appropriate comments.

Job Qualifications:

1. More than 6 years’ work experience as a continental food chef cooking cuisine of one to two Western countries.

2. Has a working background in 4 star hotel.

3. Good service awareness, communication skills, teamwork spirit.

4. Willing to perform the duties assigned by his hotel.

5 Punctuality, trustworthiness, and responsible.

6.working proactive and complete the work on time and meet the quality requirement..

7. Be familiar with the working regulations and requirements of Western diets and master the quality requirements of various operating techniques for side dishes.

8. Understand the food hygiene law.

9. Can work independently based on work specifications and quality standards, and have corresponding technical certificates.


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