Office Secretary

  • Full Time
  • Nairobi

Swiss Lenana Mount

Job Description

General Manager Office secretary

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the recruitment of employees, the establishment of employment database for future use.

2. Responsible for the employee’s on-boarding process and admission procedures, and the review of personnel changes.

3. Rationally allocate hotel human resources and put forward effective suggestions and opinions.

4. Responsible for the review of employee headcount of all departments.

5. Responsible for the management of employee personnel files, and drafting and processing of external documents.

6. Establish policies related to hotel’s HR management, employee insurance and welfare.

7. Responsible for the specific implementation and inspection of various personnel policies.

8. Responsible for the buildup of hotel’s corporate culture and enhance the staffs’ sense of belonging of the hotel.

9. Drafting the hotel’s business reports, plans, summaries, resolution briefs, and official letter from the department.

10. Participate in weekly administrative meetings, keep a record of meetings, and understand the implementation of decisions and resolutions.

11. Summarize all kinds of statements and make a log of hotel and affairs.

12. Can handle daily reception, letter visits and other related matters.

13. Examining external documents, internal document.

Job Qualifications.

1. College education, with secretarial work experience in the same position for more than 3 years.

2. Master general knowledge of hotel management and be familiar with hotel secretarial work and administrative management knowledge.

3. Familiar with the staff’s work rules, characteristics and job training procedures.

4. Understand the requirements of hotel staff’s service work standards and quality standards.

5. Understand tourist law and relevant economic laws and regulations and familiarize yourself with foreign affairs discipline

6. Grasp the writing skills of the application and understand the etiquette receipt.

7. Have a good ability to organize texts, write various application contributions and plans, summaries, reports, etc.

8. Have good communication skills and coordination skills.

9. Can deal with general documents, letters and information, and have good coordination and reception work ability.

10. college degree, more than three years of secretarial and other related work experience.

Ladies highly encouraged to apply.

Wages 300–800 US dollars


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